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My Books on endangered under the sea creatures


Horses of the Sea

An award winning book about the magical qualities of seahorses! Written to give young children a basic understanding of this tiny under-the-sea phenomenon.  Horses of the Sea is  being read by children in 25 US states and Canada, Africa, Australia, Austria, China, England, France, Ireland, Italy, Romania and Spain.


Starfish Gazing

Starfish Gazing is the second book in a series about unusual sea creatures. It is an educational, colorful journey into the world of starfish!  Starfish Gazing won second place in the 2019 Purple Dragonfly international children's book competition!  


Sea Turtles Circle

Sea Turtles Circle is the third book in my Under the Sea series. It is a rhyming lesson about Sea Turtles, and endangered species.  It is a delightful read for children of all ages! Received 5 star review from Readers Favorites!

Available on Amazon

Available on Amazon

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